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Close your eyes, clear your mind, and take a deep breath. These people can be family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, or your favourite barista at your beloved coffee shop who always remembers your order. Open your eyes, take another deep breath, and read the following statement carefully. Remember those five people you were just thinking about? So then tell me this – what are post-secondary education (PSE) institutions doing to prevent these numbers from climbing?

While these measures might increase the feeling of safety on campus, they might not actually increase the reality of that safety (Mathieu & Poisson, 2014). Now, these sources have all focused on sexual assault on women, but I want to make it clear that sexual assault does not happen to solely to women and that is why I asked you to think of five people, without specifying whether they had to gender identify in one way. One of the chapters within the action plan focuses on policies that are to be instated across Ontario PSE institutions. Changing attitudes about being a bystander to violence: Translating an in-person sexual violence prevention program to a new campus. Many on-campus incidences of sexual assault occur within the first eight weeks of classes, thus as of September 2015, all PSE institutions were mandated to participate in a province-wide awareness campaign (Government of Ontario, 2015). I am not proposing that universities and colleges create special support programs and policies specifically for women, but for any individual who has ever felt threatened, unsafe, or has been assaulted. Future research must consider all individuals, regardless of gender identification, sexual orientation, race, religion, or ability, and how they are impacted by sexual assault, both as survivors and as perpetrators. The meaning had been lost in English renderings, but recent translations by Professor Sir Colin Humphreys suggest they reference an eclipse.

“Going back to the original Hebrew text, we determined that an alternative meaning could be that the sun and moon just stopped doing what they normally do: They stopped shining. The breakthrough in comparing the two texts was made by backdating not only total solar eclipses using astronomical patterns but also annual eclipses in which the sun does not completely cover the moon but creates a distinctive ring of fire.The goals of this action plan with regard to sexual assault on campuses are to: (Mathieu & Poisson, 2014), the researchers found that only nine of more than 100 universities and colleges had adopted a special policy to address sexual assault. While the majority of institutions had a line or a brief statement included in one of their other policies, they did not have a specific one regarding sexual assault, reporting, or preventative strategies. For some students, PSE is a dream come true and an exciting adventure. References Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. We cannot allow that dream, that adventure, to become a nightmare. There is a need for institutions to establish both prevention and intervention programs to reduce the incidence of sexual assault, while also providing effective support services for survivors (Cares et al., 2015).

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