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Moore’s campaign has attacked Nelson’s story that he assaulted her 40 years ago outside a restaurant.The campaign has questioned whether the restaurant existed there at the time, and Moore’s wife has promoted claims that it didn’t. Moore has also denied allegations by Corfman and another woman, Gloria Deason, that he gave them alcohol when they were underage. That leaves him to explain why she has a 1977 high-school yearbook bearing the inscription: “To a sweeter more beautiful girl, I could not say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Christmas, 1977, Love, Roy Moore.” Moore points out that Nelson, too, has something to explain: Why, he asks, are the exact date and place where he ostensibly signed the yearbook written below his name “in a style inconsistent with the rest of the yearbook inscription”? It’s possible that somebody else appended those details.

President Trump adopted this position on Tuesday, urging voters not to elect Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones. Moore’s denials are designed to provide cover for Trump, Sean Hannity, Alabama’s Republican congressmen, and others who don’t want to acknowledge Moore’s sins. But that doesn’t mean we can’t measure Moore’s credibility against the credibility of his accusers. With one exception, the nine women don’t know one another.The campaign also says Nelson couldn’t have worked at a restaurant at 15, as she claims, because “you had to be 16” to work there. When I was 15, I got a job at Wendy’s by telling them I was 16.Lots of teens did the same.) Again and again, Moore’s people have issued statements that don’t check out. 12, Kayla Moore responded to the allegations against her husband by distributing a letter, ostensibly signed by more than 50 pastors, defending him.And the yearbook itself nails down that the inscription was written in late 1977, when Moore was 30 and Nelson had just turned 16. Moore says he first noticed Kayla Kisor, the girl who would become his wife, when she performed at a dance recital at age 15 or 16.So even if you discount the appended text, we’re left with Moore’s note to a “beautiful girl” half his age, whom he claims he never knew. That would be around 1977, the same year that three of his accusers, who were roughly the same age as Kisor, say he pursued them. And though Moore told Hannity he did “not generally” date teenagers while in his 30s, he also denied “dating any girl without the permission of her mother,” which suggests that the girls were young.That fits the story told by Wendy Miller’s mother, who says she rejected Moore’s request to date her 16-year-old daughter.

Moore has tried to poke holes in his accusers’ stories.

Kayla Mc Laughlin, who worked at a mall store with a third accuser, Gena Richardson, says she saw Moore pursue Richardson.

Two other accusers, Beverly Nelson and Tina Johnson, told their sisters about Moore years ago.

His campaign offers statements from women who say he never groped them, waitresses who say they never saw him, and security officers who say he was never formally banned from the local mall for making girls uncomfortable. The Moore campaign says Corfman contradicted her mother over whether she had a phone in her room.

Nope: Both women say the phone, attached to a cord in the hallway, could be used inside or outside the room.

One woman claimed that Moore initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 and he was 32.