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But in English the words adore and worship are still sometimes used, and in the past were commonly so used, to mean also inferior species of religious veneration and even to express admiration or affection for persons living upon the earth. In like manner Miphiboseth "fell on his face and worshiped " David ( 2 Samuel 9:6 ).

But, as was intimated above, whenever the immediate object of our veneration is a creature of this sort, the mode of worship which we exhibit towards it is fundamentally different from the worship which belongs to God alone.

We read of other forms of adoration among the Hebrews, such as taking off the shoes ( Exodus 3:5 ), bowing ( Genesis ), and we are told that the contrite publican stood when he prayed, and that St.

Paul knelt when he worshiped with the elders of Ephesus.

It is to be expected, then, that men should have agreed upon certain conventional actions as expressing adoration of the Supreme Being.

Of these actions, one has pre-eminently and exclusivly signified adoration, and that is sacrifice.

The word adoratio very probably originated from the phrase (manum) ad os (mittere) , which designated the act of kissing the hand to the statue of the god one wished to honour.

Concerning the verbal manifestation of adoration -- that is, the prayer of praise - explanation is not necessary.

This was clearly an act of adoration in its highest sense; yet that it could have other meaning, we know from, e.g., 1 Samuel , which says that David adored "falling on his face to the ground" before Jonathan, who had come to warn him of Saul's hatred.

In like manner Gen xxxi;; 3 narrates tbat Jacob, on meeting his brother Esau "bowed down with he face to the ground seven times".

Adoration differs from other acts of worship, such as supplication, confession of sin, etc., inasmuch as it formally consists in self-abasement before the Infinite, and in devout recognition of His transcendent excellence.

An admirable example of adoration is given in the Apocalypse vii 11, 12: "And all the angels stood rouud about the throne, and about the ancients, and about the living creatures; and they fell before the throne upon their faces, and adored God, saying: Amen.

The connection between our inner feelings and their articulate utterance is obvious.

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