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During an El Niño cycle the Trade Winds and currents weaken allowing the warm western Pacific water to move east across the basin relocating the warm water nearer the South American continent.

They also measure water temperature and conductivity. Besides the huge amount of information that is collected over time that can be used to study atmospheric and oceanographic weather conditions, the TAO array also has a very specific goal – to collect data to increase our understanding the El Niño/La Niña cycle, otherwise known as the Southern Oscillation.

Later in the day one of the crew members, Frank Monge, caught a very large and brilliantly colored, Mahi mahi.

We are hoping to see more marine life as we get closer to the Galapagos Islands.

This produces disastrous and lethal flash floods and mud slides.

In those areas with little or no sanitation removal, poor or non-existent sewage treatment systems, in combination with compromised drinking water delivery systems can be followed by deadly outbreaks of typhoid and cholera and other life threatening diseases.

Personal Log Yesterday I spent some time with Tonya Watson (the SST) in the wet lab.

She explained the operation of the Autosal and ran a few samples.

This information gives the countries affected by an El Niño time to prepare for all the possible problems they might experience.

The system is expensive to maintain but, much like hurricanes, if you know it is coming well ahead of time preparations can save millions or billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

I am grateful that the cooler than normal temperatures have been the rule for this cruise.

To date, we’ve publicized more than 700 progressive titles including the work of Dr.

On the other side of the ocean those countries in the eastern Pacific (from Peru north through California) will often have their coasts battered by large storms causing huge amounts of destruction and loss of life.

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