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page ID=238&nid=104803&News Cat ID=375 A study suggests Tel Megiddo was destroyed some 3000 years bp by a rather fast-moving fire: https:// of some previously-unknown Canaanite revolt against Egypt from Jaffa: A late Bronze Age shipyard from Dana Island: page ID=238&nid=105120&News Cat ID=375 Evidence (maybe) of where Rome breached Jerusalem’s ‘third wall’:

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page ID=238&nid=104767&News Cat ID=422 More on the virtual reconstruction of Caecilius Iucundus’ villa in Pompeii: https:// More on Roman sling bullets from Scotland: https:// on beer drinking in Cyprus: —– Latest reviews from BMCR: our blog: ================================================================ EUROPE AND THE UK ( Ireland) ================================================================ 14 000 years bp petroglyphs from a Spanish resort town: while DNA studies may have figured out the so-called ‘Higgs Bison’ mystery: https:// Possible cannibalism in Ice Age Britain: A 5000 years bp etched stone from Denmark might be some sort of map: Rodents were apparently on the menu at Skara Brae some 5000 years bp: badger unearths a 4200 years bp burial in Ireland: Iron Age remains found during an electricity project in Suffolk/Essex: A warrior burial from Poland’s Roman period:

Extract from ‘Paedophiles to be treated as terrorists’, The Times 27th April 2014 “Sexual predators who download manuals on how to groom their victims will face the same sanctions as terrorists who downlaod guides to bomb-making.

While it is illegal to possess indecent images of child abuse, a legal loophole means there are no sanctions for possessing manuals that provide advice to paedophiles on how to identify and win over victims and evade capture.” “In February 2002, Julian Levine, then 54, a paedophile from London, was jailed after hoarding 42,000 pictures of abuse.

page ID=238&nid=104925&News Cat ID=375 ‘ancient antidepressants’ from Istanbul:

page ID=238&nid=105079&News Cat ID=375 Latest finds from the caliphate palace at Khirbat al Minya: https:// on Michal Gawlikowski’s work in Palmyra: Feature on the women of Petra: Suggestion that ancient Assyrians were rather ‘homely’: on Mosul through the ages: https:// Another feature on Gertrude Bell: Feature on Jordan’s ‘airborne monuments men’: Some ‘new’ Dead Sea Scrolls are being touted …

and a third de Luna shipwreck: Latest from the Castillo de San Marcos dig: There’s a new Wyandotte Nations centre: damage to the Declaration of Independence: https:// the first woman to run for president: Rethinking a misunderstood aspect of the American Revolution: https://

wpisrc=nl_az_most More on salt at Chaco Canyon: on that buried ‘bison feast’ from Alberta: More on that mastodon skeleton from Michigan: ================================================================ CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA ================================================================ An 8000 years bp ‘cache’ of animal bones from Mexico: Evidence of ancient dog sacrifice beneath a zoo in Peru: Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon, Edward Rockstein, Kurt Theis, John Mc Mahon, Barnea Selavan, Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Hernan Astudillo, Bob Heuman, David Critchley, Hernan Astudillo, Rick Heli, Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Jona Lendering, Laurel Carey, Mata Kimasitayo Richard Campbell, Richard C. Sargent for headses upses this week (as always hoping I have left no one out).================================================================ EARLY HOMINIDS ================================================================ A new focus of the ‘interbreeding’ of Neanderthal and sapiens story is the ‘evolutionary advantage’ it created: …int_sec=11&int_new=90836 thing on the dig at El Pilar: the effects of the ‘rubber boom’ on animal life in South America: century Chinese porcelain in Acapulco: on the latest finds from Cahuachi: Feature on the discovery (a while back) of Naia: More on the tombs from Homul: https:// —– Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Americas Breaking News: A Ancient Meso America News: ================================================================ OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST ================================================================ Interesting finds about Frankincense (spun various ways): On assorted celebrated codices: the history of the pencil: On Marcantonio Raimondi’s dubious distinction: https:// How ancient ‘spear throwers’ work: raised Roald Amundsen’s ship: of umbrage as art history a-levels were axed in the UK: …and archaeology: https://com/news/school-news/breaking-news/axing-archaeology-a-level-damaging-future-infrastructure-projects …but it’s also being blamed for some STIs: I think we mentioned the right-handed homo habilis study: It started with a study suggesting apes were more ‘like us’ than we thought: which suddenly was claiming (via headlines) that monkeys were purposely making sharp tools (which isn’t what the study actually observed): Cf: Not sure where to put this one …