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The left-hand wall shows Old Testament scenes, the right wall New Testament scenes.

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But within its walls are enough attractions to keep tourists busy for several days, so prioritizing your sightseeing is important. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, but the Vatican Palace contains magnificent rooms decorated by the greatest artists of their time, as well as priceless collections in more than a dozen museums.The side walls are covered with large frescoes of Biblical scenes against the background of Umbrian and Tuscan scenery, painted for Sixtus IV by the most celebrated painters of the day - Perugino, Botticelli, Rosselli, Pinturicchio, Signorelli, and Ghirlandaio.These late-15th-century paintings already reflect the ideas of humanism, recognizing humans as individuals and important in the historical process.It's from the old church, as are the double bronze doors.The huge nave - 185 meters long and 46 meters tall - rises to a dome 119 meters above and can accommodate a congregation of more than 60,000.Michelangelo began work on the large fresco on the altar wall in 1534, depicting the final scene in the story of the world, the Last Judgment.

Its dramatic presentation and artistic finesse rank it as one of the greatest achievements of European painting.Frescoes in the second room, Sala della Segnatura, were painted by Raphael between 15 and along with the Sistine Chapel, represent the supreme achievement of Renaissance painting.The paintings convey that period's culture in all its splendor, and show humanist themes -- the natural sciences attainable without divine revelation, philosophy, history, mathematics, civil law, and justice. Peter's Basilica was laid out by Bernini between 16 to provide a setting where the faithful from all over the world could gather.Compare it to the dimensions of other great churches marked in the floor.On your right, Michelangelo's famous sculpted when he was only 24, is behind reinforced glass.On either side of the oval are fountains, and in the center is a 25.5-meter Egyptian obelisk brought from Heliopolis by Caligula in AD 39 and set up in his circus.