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Needless to say, my father, her grandson, was also a headteacher and I have just retired after 18 years as a head. My father was told a story that when the local authority upset one of the sisters, they all threatened to resign and the authority backed down.The first to go there, Rose Alice Harrison, was the Salthouse connection, because she married Thomas Lubbock Matthews who was born in Salthouse.

I believe that two of Rose’s younger sisters followed her to Salthouse once they too had retired from teaching.They were later joined by their mother and their widowed non-teaching sister, plus her two teaching daughters and one son, a clerk and the only man in a house full of teachers!During the first world war, Rose Alice and Thomas Matthews moved back to Salthouse, with Thomas dying in 1918.I suspect the others were Margaret Harrison and Rose Alice Matthews who was a widow.I am looking for any further information regarding the Harrison sisters who lived in Salthouse for many years, in a bungalow by the church now called Mill Ridge.Dorothy was born at Beckham in 1891, and Samuel was born at Gresham in around 1848.

Dorothy married Herbert Stubbs in 1914, and he took over the licence at the Kelling Arms in 1934.

There are a number of descendants of Edward Jarvis who are interested in the family history.

I am Ada’s granddaughter and I am in contact with a number of my relatives. Please would you kindly give my email address to Eddie as we would love to share information with him.

As is described elsewhere on the website, they purchased a prefab bungalow at the 1933 Ideal Home Exhibition and it was duly delivered to Wells station and transported across the fields to where it stands today.

Rose Alice Matthews lived until 1944, reaching the age of 93.

I have since found out a lot more about them and they also appear in two stories on your website - one about the windmill and one by Pamela Hayward who remembered the sisters.

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