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Cole sprouse dating history - article rules dating usa

Until then, the Diffys are stuck in the early 21st Century (what they consider the past) and trying to fit in.

You know how the entire cast were just one big ball of cute at Comic-Con recently?Well two people actually took things to the next level with their relationship, and we’re here for it.Cole Spouse and Lili Reinhart aka Bughead were reportedly seen “canoodling” and “kissing” at an after party, making their fictional storyline blur into real life.The new season picks up just moments after last year’s finale, which saw Archie’s father Fred gunned down by a mystery assailant.“Who shot Fred” will be this season’s “Who killed Jason”, with many of the characters sent down dark paths.Jughead looks set to join the Southside Serpents, which creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says “will create obvious tension with his girlfriend Betty, assuming he tells her”.As child actors the brothers would often share roles, such as Ross’ son Ben in Friends and Julian Mc Grath in Big Daddy.

Their first major individual roles came in the Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

please reevaluate your priorities.”Nevertheless, Lili and Cole were pictured arriving at Vancouver airport earlier today wearing matching leather jackets.

Cole shot to fame with his twin brother Dylan – who is older than him by 15 minutes.

Cole said that fans expecting a straightforward ride for Bughead “should be worried”.

He told Glamour: “If we were writing what the fans wanted to see, Betty and Jughead would be the most linear, monotonous narrative of all time.

You always know he's going to do something that will make the situation right.