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Whether you love cakes, pastries, ice cream, amazing breakfast pancakes, bagels and sliders, these unique bakeries, cafes and ice cream shops in the United States are not to be missed.

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If you're feeling in the mood for something different, a pretzel croissant with coarse sea salt and a gourmet coffee will make you happy.Everything is made in-house, even add-ons like peanut brittle.The creamery is part of Bi-Rite Market, producers of organic food who pride themselves on producing truly organic ice cream, using Straus Family Creamery organic dairy.All you can think about while waiting in the long line is the smoky flavor of caramel, salted just enough, or the flavor of real pecans in the butter pecan ice cream.Creamy, fluffy scoops are made of organic local ingredients, all sourced from the area.Gracious Bakery & Cafe in New Orleans is bright and contemporary, with a beautiful cakes and pastries display.

It is a veritable gallery of edible art, glossy chocolate chunks of Black Forest cake, gourmet moon pies, passion fruit coconut cake and so much more.

C., from Seattle, Sedona, Philadelphia, LV, Black Sand, LA, Atlanta, Chicago Must See, Denver, Dallas, CT, Hot Springs, Carlsbad, Phoenix, Nashville, Tucson, Salem, Portland this weekend, Baton Rouge, Charlotte, CA, Salt Lake City, SC, OK, FL For some people, breakfast is all about pancakes.

So when you find a place that makes them perfectly fluffy, light and melt-in-your mouth good, you will go anywhere to get your fill - even a shopping mall on Marguerite Parkway.

It has been home of Island Creamery since 1975, and the locals will tell you that this is where they go for a scoop of Mint Chip, complete with large chunks of dark chocolate, or Java Jolt, made with strong coffee and chunks of chocolate brownies.

If you're thirsty, they also sell coffee that you drink.

There are no growth hormones, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors,or corn syrup.

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