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Blogger profile not updating - dating interracial update

For instance, let's say you've put your entire work history into Facebook, going back a couple of decades.You might make all of the old workplaces only visible to Friends (as I have), and only mark your current employment as Public so that anyone viewing your profile can immediately see where you're working now.

The Add Photo button lets you take or upload a photo, while tapping one of the available tiles will let you choose from your existing Facebook images.For those of you who hate it every time Facebook changes something, insert cries of anguish here. These are mostly cosmetic changes that you may or may not appreciate, but won't have to think about for too long if there's nothing here of interest. I really think there are some changes here to like and be thinking about down the road when it comes to Facebook Strategy!There are quite a few changes; some dramatic, and some less so.As you can see in the screenshot below, my centered profile pic is no longer ideal for the family portrait I'd selected for my cover picture. You'll need to think about how it will render on mobile and then check it once you've changed your cover photo.While your old profile image will still be in place, and therefore you probably don't to make a change, you may want to take advantage of the larger image size and replace your profile image.Your Facebook Bio is Public and centered by default, and is limited to 101 characters. Finally, you can add up to five (5) featured photos which will appear within this section.

Whether on mobile or desktop, you can tap Add featured photos and select from photos that you've uploaded and shared in the past.Most of us are probably just using a great picture that we liked, so there's likely little impact on that image.However, if you created a specific graphic to use for your Facebook cover photo, you may need to review and revise that graphic. You can use Canva, as I have, to create and edit images for social media, but do note that the Canva template for Facebook cover photos reflects the display only.This might also pair well with Apple's new "Live Photos" which automatically capture a second-and-a-half on either side of any photo you take, giving you the option of a kind of animated GIF or short video. This will bring up your profile in Edit Mode, allowing you to adjust the visibility of various entries.Once you upload a video from mobile, the new animated profile picture will be visible to both desktop and mobile users. Anything that you mark as Public will show up at the top, while others can be locked or only visible to friends, which means that information will only be displayed within the relevant section.This will being up your mobile profile, similar to how others will view it.