Dating in canberra

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Dating in canberra

We give you the Canberra top attractions to make your holiday the biggest and best holiday ever!

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Expect colder temperatures if you visit through winter, with daily averages of 12 degrees. If you are planning on outdoor activities consider visiting in summer when the weather is warmer.There are no toll roads in the city, and parking is plentiful.Be aware of parking signs to avoid getting a ticket.The museum showcases life-like animatronic dinosaur models, as well as complete skeletons and fossils dating from the Triassic to the Cretaceous periods.The newest exhibit features a massive Stegodon, a relative of the woolly mammoth, and illuminates life after the dinosaurs.Kids can free fall down a six metre slide, experience an earthquake and star in a Spectacular Science Show.

Probably Questacon's most photographed and most interesting exhibit is the Rototron, a walk-thru tunnel with LED lights that will make you feel like the tunnel is spinning.

Visitors can participate in Rocky Trail's endurance races.

Or, watch the annual Downhill state series event that's all about big jumps.

The best way to see Canberra's tourist attractions is with a hire car.

It gives you the freedom from travelling from one place to another.

There is so much to see and discover at the centre.