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Two $310 nine-course tasting menus are devised each day (one traditional, one vegetarian), and no single ingredient is ever repeated throughout the meal.

In 2012 The French Laundry received a coveted AAA Five Diamond Award, and it is perennially named one of the 100 Best Restaurants in the World.The cooler weather game of venison and quail, root vegetables, and greens creates sustenance.Our dishes are prepared with respect and restraint to allow each ingredient's inherent goodness to shine through.” Located in Anchorage’s luxurious Hotel Captain Cook, Crow’s Nest offers 360-degree views and an upscale menu from chef Reuben Gerber.Start, for instance, with crab fritter with Thai essence, citrus, and avocado; then go on to Maple Leaf duck with chicory and peppercorn; followed by a cheese course of Georgia Gold Cheddar with walnut, endive, and apple; and finish with chocolate cake with olive oil ice cream and puffed rice.Considered a godfather of modern Hawaiian cuisine, Alan Wong creates traditional cultural dishes with a contemporary twist using the finest, island-grown ingredients at his eponymous restaurant, a Honolulu staple since 1995.Executive chef Pedro Avila dry-ages his steaks on site in a salt-brick aging room, and the overall experience can compete with any of the best steakhouses in New York.

Steaks here age from 28 to up to 45 days, and the 55-day dry-aged ribeye for two is an absolute masterpiece.

The walls are oak-paneled, the ceiling is coffered and oak beamed, rich draperies hang from the windows, and lighting is provided by ornate chandeliers and sconces.

It’s also been recognized with the AAA Four-Diamond Award and Forbes Four-Star Award.

Don’t come to Bern’s if you're on a diet; this steakhouse is about wonderful excess.

There are 20 kinds of caviar on the menu of this big, old-style, legendary establishment.

The menu also includes two preparations of foie gras, two kinds of steak tartare (one with truffles), oysters three ways, endless varieties of fish and shellfish, 16 different cheeses both domestic and imported, nearly 50 desserts (including gluten- and sugar-free varieties) — served upstairs in a special dessert room — and a list of about 7,000 wines (5,500 of them red). There are seven different cuts in a total of 51 different sizes (from 6 ounces of filet mignon to 60 ounces of strip sirloin), broiled to eight different temperatures, from very rare ("no crust, cold and raw") to, gulp, well-done ("sturdy little crust, no color, no juice, dried out"). Part of the Star Provisions complex, Bacchanalia has long been one of Atlanta's premier fine-dining destinations.

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