On line dating services and divorce rates

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On line dating services and divorce rates - setvalidating

This self-disclosure is linked to greater appeal and to firmer friendships in these studies.

Of the people who met offline, work was the most popular place to find a spouse, with 21 percent of couples reporting office romance.

The study couldn't delve into causative factors, Cacioppo said.

But the researchers did suggest a few possibilities.

A final possibility is that people open up more online than they do in face-to-face meetings.

Experimental lab studies have found that people are more willing to engage in "self-disclosure," or authentic discussions about themselves, when they meet online first.

Likewise, certain meeting spots on the Internet were more salutary than others.

For example, people who met in chat rooms tended to be less satisfied than those who met vie e Harmony or

Couples who meet online and get married are slightly less likely to divorce than couples who first meet face-to-face, new research finds.

The study, a generally representative look at American couples married between 20, found that virtual meetings are becoming more of a norm: More than a third of married couples in that time met on the Internet.

The most-satisfied married couples who met offline got to know each other through school, church, social gatherings or by growing up together.

The least-satisfied offline couples met through work, family, at bars or on blind dates.

"Moreover, analyses of breakups indicated that marriages that began in an online meeting were less likely to end in separation or divorce than marriages that began in an offline venue." [6 Scientific Tips for a Successful Marriage] The study was funded by the dating site e Harmony.

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    It might seem like a good idea but if you think about it, it makes more sense to wait until you have completely recovered from the trauma of your divorce (and possibly the bad relationship that preceded it).