Persona 3 portable dating multiple girls

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Persona 3 portable dating multiple girls - orange dating

This is the first and only episode she has her hair in its natural curls.In The Bird Scene, she is first seen in Sikowitz's class and then when Tori gives her several Red Hot Candies and handcuffs her to a railing, telling Cat that she will not give her water unless she tells her the secret to The Bird Scene.

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Cat explains how she got the magazine while visiting her "uncle and uncle" in San Francisco.Cat becomes obsessed with "Sky Store", and buys most of their products.(To see the "Sky Store" known products, see Sky Store.) Someone from Robarazzi taped Cat receiving an order.Eventually, the girls signal Tori to come offstage.The girls use fiddling knives and the solvent to scrape the mask off Tori's face.They make things worse by stopping for ice cream, interfering with the time that they got back.

Tori eventually doesn't have a choice, and has to start the play with the mask on.The doctor doesn't turn out to be a lot of help, but the glue company tells Cat that the solvent isn't sold in stores, but is sold at the factory in Bakersfield.Trina and Cat agree to drive to Bakersfield and pick up the solvent, hoping to get Tori's hideous face back to normal.In Stage Fighting, a teacher announces that each student in the class will be paired with a partner for a stage fighting project.The teacher demonstrates on Cat, as an example of how a fake punch is, which really involves sound effects. At last, Cat gets tired of Robbie trying to go out with Trina, so she explains to Robbie that you can't just assume that you are dating from a stage kiss.Eventually it works, in which Tori goes back onstage.