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The five-time Oscar nominee wore her red hair up in a messy bun and sported a pair of sunglasses.

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Amy Adams enjoyed an outing with her husband and daughter on Tuesday in Los Angeles.In his episode, Kellman is the orchestrator of a bizarre Witch/Demon wrestling match where Prue and Phoebe have a royal rumble with actual pro-wrestlers Booker T, Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell.plays demonic alchemist Kierkan in season 3's 'Coyote Piper', where Piper gets possessed by an evil spirit created by Kierkan called Terra.Co-star Amy Adams, 43, was also seen getting into character as the politician's wife Lynne Cheney for filming the outdoor scenes of the biopic.Wearing a wide-brimmed hat, the American Hustle actor donned a light blue denim shirt underneath a bulky fishing vest.Here are 12 of the starriest appearances you probably don't remember..

She pops up as Maggie Murphy in the second series, in episode 'Murphy's Luck', where she plays 'the unluckiest woman in San Francisco', a suicidal woman who's actually being menaced by a darklighter. star and general all-round legend popped up in the season 4 finale 'Witch Way Now' as Agent Jackson, a witch hunter working as an FBI agent.

He tries to track her down, ends up giving Piper a backhander and is vanquished in return.

He later reenacted the role on actor already made his mark as Mark in season 1's 'Dead Man Dating'.

Two blonde female actors accompanied Bale on the boat -possibly characters portraying his daughters Elizabeth and Mary - in addition to a driver.

Cheney is an avid angler and enjoyed many fishing trips in his home state of Wyoming.

He doesn't manage but his partner-in-crime, demon Rodriguez (Carlos Gómez), does kill the Charmed Ones' childhood friend and Prue's former love interest Andy.