Intellectualdating com

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Intellectualdating com

Furthermore, several psychologists have noted in various books and journals that there are different types of intelligence, which means that what one person deems “smart” may not seem smart to another.

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You might need to give a second thought to intellectual dating.

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We can just about guarantee that no where else will a person mention their expertise with Quake and Half Life gameplay, knowledge of object orientated programming, state that they own all of the O'Reillys (some in duplicate) and have the ability to write device drivers in their personals ad." The Right Stuff "The Right Stuff is an international introduction network for single graduates and faculty of a select group of excellent universities and colleges.

Most people on the dating scene look for some level of attractiveness in the people they go out with. How many times, when being set up on a blind date, have you asked, “Is he cute? ” Don’t you usually skip over those online profiles that have no photo?

While some people have a hard time defining what they consider “good-looking,” they are usually able to identify it fairly quickly, but what about intellectual dating?

Your date determines that your battery is dead, jump-starts the car for you, and sends you on your way within a matter of minutes. The point is that saying you want a bright guy or a girl with brains isn’t really specific enough.

To you, your date seems like the smartest person in the world right now. And it’s hard to really determine how smart a person is before you go out with them.

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Reviewing Zone One for Esquire, Tom Chiarella wrote that “Whitehead brilliantly reformulates an old-hat genre to ask the epidemic question of a teetering history—the question about the possibility of survival” and called the book ““one of the best books of the year.” While Chiarella’s review establishes the high-water mark of praise heaped on the book, most critics were similarly impressed.