Dating stanley plane blades

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The actual reason it is often referred to as a plough plane is no doubt because there is a Stanley plough plane 50S.

There may be some overlap and change as more examples and data is collected., small 5/32 inch (4 mm.) mark and single pane lower face frame, c.1954/55; 7/32 inch (5.5 mm.) mark and two lower face frames, c.1955/57 and Foundry mark "Q" in upper left hand face frame and right hand frog orifice lower than the left, c.1957/61.

This could be because NIC was then standard production and therefore these planes will be later production.

Early W4 frogs had a single lower face frame, which changed to two frames from about mid 1955 onwards.

Other smaller parts, including cutters, are user replaceable and could distort the dating process if not original to the tool.

Fortunately, many Woden bench planes retain their little-used original cutters which were marked in a specific way.

WW lever caps appear to be consistent throughout production, apart from a batch of both sizes with rounded lower edges, made between about mid 1954 to1957.

It has also been noted that some very early 2-inch lever caps are slightly shorter (by 2mm) than later ones and have an indistinct flat about 7 mm wide on the inside lower edge, similar to that found on the 2-3/8 inch size. K., most RW planes have been found to comprise a mixture of original Steel Nut and Record specified parts.

The Stanley 50 is the only combination plane of this form.

There are a couple of similar planes in the form of the Record 050 plane and Record 050A plane.

2 inch frogs on W5 planes and all 2-3/8 inch plane frogs to date have been found with two lower face frames.

Early frogs of all sizes from 1954 to mid 1955, had a single mark 5/32 inches (4 mm) in height in the upper right hand frame. From 1955 to1957, this single mark increased in size to 7/32 inches (5.5 mm) for 2 inch frogs.

From about 1957 to the end of production, the letter “Q” was included in the upper left hand face frame in addition to the right hand number mark.

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