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Many of the Minnan dialects of this region are highly similar to Xiamen dialect(Amoy) and Taiwanese Hokkien with the exception of foreign loanwords.

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They brought the Old Chinese spoken in Central Plain of China from prehistoric era to 3rd century into Fujian.

There are many Minnan(Hokkien) speakers among overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia as well as in the United States (Hoklo Americans).

Many ethnic Han Chinese emigrants to the region were Hoklo from southern Fujian, and brought the language to what is now Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia (the former Dutch East Indies) and present day Malaysia and Singapore (formerly Malaya and the British Straits Settlements).

In Chinese linguistics, these dialects are known by their classification under the Quanzhang division (Chinese: ) of Min Nan, which comes from the first characters of the two main Hokkien urban centers of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou.

Hokkien originated in the southern area of Fujian province, an important center for trade and migration, and has since become one of the most common Chinese varieties overseas.

The Philippines variant is mostly from Quanzhou or Amoy (Xiamen), as most of their ancestors are from the aforementioned area.

Variants of Hokkien dialects can be traced to two sources of origin: Quanzhou and Zhangzhou.

Hokkien speakers form the largest group of overseas Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Southern Fujian is home to three principal Minnan Proper (Hokkien) dialects: Chinchew, Amoy, Chiangchew, originating from the cities of Quanzhou, Xiamen and Zhangzhou(respectively).

Northerners began to enter into Fujian region, causing the region to incorporate parts of northern Chinese dialects.

However, the massive migration of northern Han Chinese into Fujian region mainly occurred after the Disaster of Yongjia.

Distribution of Quanzhang (Minnan Proper) dialects within Fujian Province and Taiwan.

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