Dating quaker lace tablecloths

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Dating quaker lace tablecloths

Special occasions may see the finer linens coming out of the buffet or linen closet.

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You can also purchase smaller tablecloths to cover occasional or side tables to dress up a living room or bedroom as an elegant home accent.There were many patterns to choose from a few included: The eras of formal dining helped to usher in the popularity of the tablecloths.Less expensive than handmade lace, the machine-made lace tablecloths meant more people could afford to achieve that desired elegant dining look.The business changed in the late 1960s with the invention of knitting machines capable of making lace.The older Jacquard looms in the 4th Street mill ceased operation in 1987.The elegant designs offered by the Quaker Lace tablecloths were ideal when formal dining was premium in most households.

This dining experience always included a lace tablecloth.Another advantage of the machine-made lace tablecloths was their durability.Quaker Lace tablecloths could withstand numerous machine washings.However, in 1993, it was bankrupt and subsequently liquidated.Later, a Lorraine Linens bought the rights to the Quaker Lace name and patterns.In the early twentieth century, the firm expanded by constructing additional facilities at 22nd Street and Lehigh Avenue and incorporated under the name Lehigh Manufacturing Company in 1905.