Updating ports bsd 5 4

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Most DNS domain names have two or more labels, each of which indicates a new level in the tree. The five categories used to describe DNS domain names by their function in the namespace are described in the following table, along with an example of each name type.Types of DNS Domain Names This is the top of the tree, representing an unnamed level; it is sometimes shown as two empty quotation marks (""), indicating a null value.

DNS clients and servers use queries as the fundamental method of resolving names in the tree to specific types of resource information.The implementation of DNS — Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) — was originally developed for the 4.3 BSD UNIX Operating System.The Microsoft implementation of DNS became a part of the operating system in Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0.The Domain Name System is implemented as a hierarchical and distributed database containing various types of data, including host names and domain names.The names in a DNS database form a hierarchical tree structure called the domain namespace.The host names of the computers in this network were managed through the use of a single HOSTS file located on a centrally administered server.

Each site that needed to resolve host names on the network downloaded this file.

Windows Server 2003 components that require name resolution will attempt to use this DNS server before attempting to use the previous default Windows name resolution service, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).

Typically, Windows Server 2003 DNS is deployed in support of Active Directory directory service.

This information is provided by DNS servers in query responses to DNS clients, who then extract the information and pass it to a requesting program for resolving the queried name.

In the process of resolving a name, keep in mind that DNS servers often function as DNS clients, querying other servers in order to fully resolve a queried name.

Any DNS domain name used in the tree is technically a domain.

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