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Adrienne began having an affair with the Kiriakis stable hand Emilio Ramirez.

In 1987, Justin and Adrienne married in Greece, yet once they returned to Salem things became rocky.

Part of their problems stemmed from them not adjusting well to the impending Empty Nest Syndrome once Jackson leaves home.

Soon after, Justin received divorce papers from Adrianne.

Adrienne was a poor girl, and Justin hid his identity from her because his uncle Victor was involved in a project Adrienne was against.

Adrienne and Justin fell in love, but Victor, who didn't approve of their relationship told Adrienne that Justin was his nephew.

In August of 2009, Justin, now a lawyer, returned to Salem (and this time he was seen on screen). Daniel Jonas, had been falsely accused of attempted murder so Victor sent for his nephew to provide Daniel legal representation.

Justin quickly returned from Dubai and got to work.His first victory on the case was when he thwarted Charles Woods, Salems new D. Woods attempted to railroad Daniel, who had just gotten out on bail, and have him sent back to jail for a violation, but Justin saved the day with his sharp skills.Aside from the case, Justin was thrilled to see his family and friends in Salem.This accident caused Adrienne to return to Justin, and they made up.In time Justin regained the use of his legs, but was impotent as a result of the accident, leading to more tension between the couple.However, when Angelica knew she would be discovered sooner or later, she fled town. Coincidentally, Justin and Adrienne were having problems conceiving, so when J. became pregnant she offered to give her twins to them. also had doubts about giving up the twins, but they soon realized that Justin and Adrienne could give them a better life. While she was busy helping her family deal with the fallout of her recently resurrected brother Steve's brainwashing, he tried to reestablish roots, but soon found it hard to readjust to life back in Salem.

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