Dating violence solutions

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Dating violence solutions - t online and dating

Additionally, the women reported lowered self-esteem according to the Rosenberg scale and increased self-consciousness, both in general and in the social sphere.

to help other survivors with psycho-social rehabilitation.According to the Acid Survivors Foundation in Pakistan, there is a high survival rate amongst victims of acid attacks.Consequently, the victim is faced with physical challenges, which require long-term surgical treatment, as well as psychological challenges, which require in-depth intervention from psychologists and counselors at each stage of physical recovery.Acid assault survivors face many mental health issues upon recovery.One study showed that when compared to published Western norms for psychological well-being, non-Caucasian acid attack victims reported higher levels of anxiety, depression, and scored higher on the Derriford appearance scale, which measures psychological distress due to one's concern for their appearance.The acid can rapidly eat away skin, the layer of fat beneath the skin, and in some cases even the underlying bone.

Eyelids and lips may be completely destroyed, the nose and ears severely damaged.

Attacks against individuals due to their social or political activities, or due to their religious beliefs also occur.

These attacks may be targeted against a specific individual, due to their activities, or may be perpetrated against random persons merely because they are part of a social group or community.

Bangladesh has its Acid Survivors Foundation, which offers acid victims legal, medical, counseling, and monetary assistance in rebuilding their lives.

NGOs provide rehabilitation services for survivors while acting as advocates for social reform, hoping to increase support and awareness for acid assault.

The media overwhelmingly avoids reporting acid attack related violence; if covered, the description of the attack is laconic, and often implies that the act was inevitable or even justified.

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