Open office not updating

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You can insert Excel charts as live charts in Word documents, which also means you can use them in your add-in for Word.

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Any student with a disability who encounters a barrier to classroom accessibility should identify him/herself to the instructor of the course or the Office of Disability Services (ODS) as soon as possible.Provided by: Stephanie Krieger, Microsoft Corporation | Juan Balmori Labra, Microsoft Corporation If you're building Office Add-ins to run in Word, you might already know that the Java Script API for Office (Office.js) offers several formats for reading and writing document content.These are called coercion types, and they include plain text, tables, HTML, and Office Open XML.So what are your options when you need to add rich content to a document, such as images, formatted tables, charts, or even just formatted text?You can use HTML for inserting some types of rich content, such as pictures.Both approaches provide essentially the same result.

Note An Office Open XML document is actually a compressed package of files that represent the document contents.

Even a simple Word document package includes parts for document properties, styles, theme (formatting settings), web settings, fonts, and then some, in addition to parts for the actual content.

For example, say that you want to insert just a paragraph of text with direct formatting, as shown earlier in Figure 1.

However, currently, you can coerce content as Office Open XML only in Office Add-ins created for Word.

For more information about Office Open XML, including the complete language reference documentation, see Additional resources.

Be sure to choose Word XML Document and not the Word 2003 option. Yes, for many scenarios, you could use the full, flattened Office Open XML result you see with either of the preceding methods and it would work.