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If things end up that all you have are 103 episodes to revisit, I’m really proud of those, and I hope that they live on beyond this generation.TVLINE Some shows like to go forward in time and show where the characters end up. We did two, even though they were imaginary, very important moments when Angelo died.

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There were decisions we may have taken more time with.

But a lot of it we decided in the moment after many, many weeks of throwing things around.

TVLINE The news came down while you were in the middle of production on the season.

It was more like there were stories and episodes we were bummed we didn’t get to do because we thought the fans would love them. You said you knew Bay and Travis would stay together. It felt like Bay had moved forward and didn’t want to go back. He’s going through some rough times, and she’ll always be there as a friend.

But there wasn’t one big turn where I felt like, “Oh God, that will never be told.” All of the key stuff with the key players, we got to do. There was never any debate about which guy Bay was going to end up with? But after much debate, the room felt pretty clear this is how things shook out in the course of the series. This choice she made to ask Emmett to go with [Travis], first of all, that was intended to honor the whole heart of the show, which is siblings by unusual circumstances, which is what Bay and Daphne are, and so are the guys. It just felt like there was a little bit of a triangle without being a triangle. They’ll always be having Thanksgiving together, if Bay and Travis end up together in the long run.

I really like Daphne, as she’s positive, enthusiastic, and a go-getter, and she’s one of those people that EVERYONE loves. I think she could walk in to the the Google headquarters and get offered a job, regardless of the fact that she’s only 18, has yet to graduate from high school, and has no background in programming. Obviously, Emmett was in love with her for eight years prior to the start of this show, and in typical high school girl form, Daphne was either oblivious or pretending to be oblivious.

And then, Bay and Emmett start seeming like they might have something, and Daphne gets capital-J Jealous.

I always wanted to have Toby give up music and choose to move into a career with disability.

That probably would have been over the course of the next ten episodes. Speaking of Toby, we wanted to explore that family becoming Jewish, and the Kennishes throwing a Passover seder and how fun that would be. The elegance of her starting the show as a single mom and ending it with a new partner and a new son was just really beautiful to me.

The final sight of unlikely sisters Bay and Daphne splayed across the grass was meant to evoke the “iconic image” of the show’s early key art, executive producer Lizzy Weiss tells TVLine, adding that she hopes the series finale leaves viewers feeling “the same way when you shut it off as you did when you started, that this is a very special family that you wanted to be part of.” The show’s central love triangle also took a familial turn when, rather than moving to Japan with her boyfriend Travis, Bay asked her ex Emmett to accompany his “brother.” “That was very intentional,” Weiss says.

“There was a lot of discussion about Bay as a young woman and that the conversation kept getting framed as, ‘Which boy was she going to choose? She’s a young woman in her own right.” Still, Bay and Travis reaffirmed their commitment to each other as a long-distance couple, while Daphne and Mingo reunited.

She tells him that she likes him in one of my favorite all-ASL scenes from the show: Bay confronts Emmett about his aforementioned street art timeline and basically says that he’s “Ruined every other relationship I’m ever gonna have.

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