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It has been almost five years since I lost my son Prince.

The night I left Rams, he told me he would kill me.While extremely proud of my astute and precocious daughter, I couldn’t help but think of my son Prince who would never have the same opportunities.As my daughter watched the tears roll down my face, I saw her face drop. This moment was another painful reminder that the impact of my son’s murder, no matter how much I try to shield her, will inevitably have a ripple effect through my entire family – this will include my daughter and any other children I may have in the future.The guard standing behind him yanked him back in his seat so that he was forced to sit upright during my testimony.I took a deep breath and read the following statement: I appreciate that our justice system allows me the opportunity to finally address the court.I have appreciated the rigor and the respect that you have shown this case, and I am grateful for the, all be it sometimes bizarre, twists and turns of this case that brought you here.

I wrote a victim impact statement that I have already submitted to the court, but I have some additional things I would like to say this morning.

He actually told the judge that he didn’t want to attend the sentencing hearing.

Luckily, the judge told him that he didn’t have a choice.

THE SITUATION: Seven years ago, I met a psychopath.

That psychopath presented a story about himself that was a complete lie – from his profession, to his family, to even his birth name.

After Prince’s murder, I became a fierce advocate to get justice for my son by holding accountable the people and institutions that contributed to his murder.