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Online shops offers: Fragrance 3 items for 31.19 - 61.09 USDFragrance 4 items for 45.89 - 97.19 2 items for 1455.00 - 1455.00 2 items for 1575.00 - 2049.00 CZKView products...Tresor is a treasure among perfume creations (‘tresor’ in French means ‘treasure’).

I recently was given a bottle of Tresor EDP; not having worn this in the 90s I cannot comment on how the current perfume compares to the vintage perfume. I hate that perfumers reformulate and use cheaper ingredients.

Not an everyday perfume for sure, it is something to be treasured, to be used when we want to create that aura of sensuality around us.

This is not an in your face sexy perfume like Poison, nor is it sweet and girly like Lancome's Miracle. Very classy and feminine, buy this if you are in 25 age bracket and want a mature special occasion perfume. It said Tresor came out in 1990, I was born in 1991.

This is a warm scent and is well suited to any woman regardless of age because in a world of cookie cutter fragrances, this stands out as unique, classic, and makes me think of silk scarves, cashmere sweaters, and a good pair of leather boots. I am gonna try and explain the difference in formulas as best as I can so bare with me! This is my second review because I really wanted to love this but couldn’t.

Current Tresor is very synthetic last power also is still good but you have too spray aloe more too smell it on you, Current last all day and projects pretty decent. However, this morning, I was determined to wear it, I just had to get creative.

What I can say is that I am completely missing the peach/apricot notes that have been mentioned. Don’t know how the most recent version is, but this just smelt of true love. I found an old sample vial of Tresor and was instantly taken back to happier times.

When I apply Tresor, the first thing I notice violets, rose, and sandalwood. Vintage vs current, I have a vintage 100 ML and a current 100 ML, IMO there isn’t that big of a difference. Haven't smelled it recently but I would say try to find an old bottle if you can.They do indeed share the same interpretation of the rose note. However, Tresor then develops to be more fruity/gourmand, and Paris - flower/rose with a pungent note that reminds me of rubber or latex (I'd even say it reminds of a scented condom, but sort of in a good way; sorry! They share the same powdery rose in the drydown as well.But due to the gourmand notes in Tresor, to me it smells a bit like Turkish delight.This is indeed the realest peach note in a perfume.In this way could be seen as different or old fashioned.Tresor in particular was a grown up fruity floral which oozed sensuality and confidence.

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