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The Pre-Pilot Cycle, Pilot Cycle, Pre-Donor Egg Cycle, and Donor Egg Cycle each lasted approximately 34 days. Each one is wrapped up and sealed in a paper/aluminium/polyethylene

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metal deposited from above. When a WPS is to be prepared by the manufacturer or contractor, it must address, as a minimum, the specific variables, both essential and nonessential, as provided in Article II for each process to be used in production welding. Material Grouping, materials are assigned P numbers in QW420; a test in one P number approves all materials listed under that P number, except where impact tests are required then approval is restricted to materials listed in the group number within the P number. QW The Code recognizes that manufacturers or contractors may maintain effective operational control of PQRs and WPSs under different ownership than existed during the original procedure qualification.

Pipe with its axis vertical and the axis of the weld in a horizontal plane. (b) Contents of the PQR. (a) Linear Indications (1) any type of crack or zone of incomplete fusion or penetration; (2) any elongated slag inclusion which has a length greater than: (a) 1. Additional information can be incorporated into a PQR at a later date provided the information is substantiated as having been part of the original qualification condition by lab record or similar data. (13 mm) thick may be combined with one or more other PQRs recording another welding process and any greater base metal thickness. (3) For welds in material 1. (a) Linear Indications (1) any type of cracks, or zone of incomplete fusion or penetration. It is divided into two parts: Part QW gives requirements for welding and Part QB contains requirements for brazing. Longitudinal face-bend test specimens shall conform to the dimensions dotster discount code shown in QW-462.3(b). The weld is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the specimen, which is bent so that the root surface becomes the convex side of the bent specimen.

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